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The Christian Outreach Centre in Mt Isa, led by Pastor Keith Christie, took the National Others Week challenge to a whole new level in 2016. Instead of one week of kindness, the church spent over four weeks working hard in the local community, with a large team of kind and hard-working volunteers clearing 20 tonnes of rubbish from more than 26 properties.

The Church had noticed the struggles of many residents to maintain their properties, especially single mums and elderly people, and saw the opportunity to bless them with kindness, by mowing lawns, painting homes, fixing fences, and clearing rubbish – doing all that they could to lift the burden from their lives.

Their heartfelt displays of kindness attracted the attention of local press, as well as local Mayor, Joyce McCulloch, who told the Northwest Star newspaper “You should see what they’re doing, it’s unbelievable. It was like an army of them, it was so impressive.” Global Care team member Mr Manihera was also quoted in the newspaper as saying “Love is an action, it’s no longer a word… we choose to show that love.”

Thank you Mt Isa Christian Outreach Centre for shining the beacon of kindness throughout your community!